Corporate & Memento Gifts

Corporate & Memento Gifts

Corporate & Memento Gifts for all occasions. Find three amazing ranges which offer unique styles and diverse products. All of these ranges consist of beautiful hand crafted products made in South Africa. These product ranges offer outstanding Corporate & Memento Gift ideas for any special occasion. Something special can be found among these three ranges to suit all tastes and occasions.


EarthAngel Pewter Originals /(EA Originals CC) was established in 1993 by jewellery designer Danya Goldberg. The range is exclusively designed and manufactured in South Africa.

In addition specific custom made items can be designed and manufactured for Corporate Gifts. Please note that additional set up costs as well as lead times are required for custom designs.

EarthAngel Original Pewter Designs

This exclusive range consists of tableware that incorporates pewter and stainless steel. Find spoons, gifts, pots and jars. Beautiful tableware as well as embellished recycled glass. Each item carefully finished by hand to ensure a product of exceptional quality. The perfect gift for International Delegates, International Guest Speakers as well as visitors.


Designer Jewellery and Contemporary Tableware inspired by traditional African life and art. The collection consists of timeless lead-free pewter jewellery, tableware as well as accessories. All inspired by traditional African life and art.

Diana Carmichael from Yabulela Gift Hampers

The fastest mammal on earth is immortalized in the striking Cheetah range. Beautifully rendered in a highly polished finish. The pewter handles of this range feature our cheetahs in exquisitely crafted tableware pieces. Crafted beautifully in various poses to suit the different utensils. Echoing the magnificent outstretched physique of this gracious cat in full ‘flight’. In addition the Cheetah Africa range is as tactile in the hand as it is pleasing to the eye. It is a firm favourite with all our clients.


Africa Impulse Marketing supply a unique range of high quality Silverware and Copperware. All their products are handmade in Southern Africa, to the highest International quality standards.

Royal African Silverware

Capture your African memories with this inspired gift range.

Exquisite silver plated animals often combined with beautifully finished solid wood. As well as practical these products are useful and beautiful ornamental pieces at the same time .

In addition purchase any of these corporate and memento gifts directly from the comfort of your home or office.

Contact us at Yabulela Gift Hampers to order any of the above product ranges. In addition incorporate them into any one of our gorgeous gift hampers  – Yabulela Gift Hampers On-Line

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