Spring Day 2017

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Spring Day 2017

Spring Day 2017

Spring Day 2017  – The joys of Spring was definitely in the air today. A beautiful sunny glorious day in the Western Cape and a great reason to bunk from work! There are at times glorious benefits of being your own boss and today was definitely one of them! Yes, we will have to play catch up with work somewhere, but every wonderful bunked minute today was worth every extra hour we will have to find somewhere else in another day.

It is not often that Spring Day in Cape Town arrives as a glorious sunny day. So off we went for a intended early Spring Day breakfast just to end up spending till way after lunchtime at the beautiful Vergelegen Estate. After our breakfast date we decided to stay a while and walk through the beautiful gardens and take in the glorious Spring air. Of course with phone in hand we started to go snap happy as there was just signs of Spring everywhere to be taken in.

Photos and more Photos

Of course everything that caught our eye had to be photographed, from the glorious water rushing over the river stones to the beautiful flowers bursting fourth everywhere we looked. So much so that by the time our phone battery died, we had not even gone halfway round the estate. Sadly that was the sign to return to work as we did not have a camera on stand by. Totally intoxicated by the Spring air and joy of the day we decided it needed to be shared with all our fabulous fans. So here is a little gallery of just some of the many photos we took today! Spring Day 2017 was certainly something to behold this year.

Spring Day 2017  – Water glorious Water

Yabulela Gift Hampers had to stay a while beside the river – listening to the sound of the recent rains rushing over the river stones. Grateful indeed for the lovely rain we received in the Western Cape, but sadly we are still severely short of water in our dams and water restrictions are here to stay! But you can share a moment of joy with us while listening to this wonderful sound! These stolen hours from work was oh so good for the soul today!

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  1. How well you captured the sentiment of the first day of Spring!
    Well done!

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