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7 More Reasons Gift Hampers Make Great Gifts

7 More Reasons Gift Hampers Make Great Gifts

Gift hampers are brilliant gift ideas to send to those you hold dear, would like to wish well, or even celebrate business milestones with. They are perfect as gift ideas for all occasions, from family celebrations, special milestone occasions, clients and colleagues, and business gift occasions that come around.

So here are 7 more reasons gift hampers make great gifts:

  • They’re convenient – If you’re buying a gift for someone who lives far away or has other commitments, then a gift hamper is just the ticket. You can send it to them and they’ll receive it in perfect condition.
  • They’re thoughtful – You really put thought into buying your recipient something they might like when you buy a gift hamper because you know what they like and what they don’t like! That makes your recipient feel special because you care enough about them to buy something that might not suit everyone else but suits them perfectly!
  • Gift Hampers make great gifts, especially for those family, friends, and colleagues who are hard to buy for. You can choose a theme that’s relevant to the person you’re buying it for.
  • Receiving a gift hamper is always enjoyable because you don’t know what is inside until you open it up! This adds an element of surprise that you cannot get with other types of gifts such as clothing or jewelry which are often quite predictable when it comes to what they contain.
  • Gift Hampers make great gifts for holidays like Christmas or Mother’s Day because they provide an easy way of sending multiple gifts at once without having to worry about choosing individual items for each person on your list!
  • They come in all different sizes and varieties — from smaller gift hampers of chocolates and treats to large baskets filled with a variety of food items and more!
  • You can get a variety of items in one place, so there’s no need to shop around for different things separately.

With 7 more reasons gift hampers make such great gift ideas, there is a perfect occasion waiting for you to try it out.

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Chat with us to curate a special custom-packed gift hamper for your gift occasion. We will make sure your care, appreciation, love, and thoughts are connected across the miles with your recipient in a special way. Nationwide gift delivery in South Africa is offered with secure payment options online in our store and for manual invoices.

Order your gift hampers from wherever you are, the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, and many more countries across the world, and we will ensure that your gift order is delivered safely to your recipient’s door.

We could add 7 more reasons why gift hampers make great gifts, but then we could probably add another and another 7 more reasons gift hampers make great gifts! The most important ones have been highlighted here to point out great reasons why gift hampers make fabulous gift ideas, especially when you live far away for example from the people you would like to send gifts to.

Check out our other post on our news page for even more reasons why gift hampers make great gift ideas for all occasions – Reasons Why Gift Hampers Make Great Gifts 

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Gift Hamper My Sweet Treats

Dear Karen
Thank you so much, Georgia was so touched and delighted with her beautiful parcel !!!
Your service is impeccable and the product is beautiful 😍
Thank you again, I shall certainly recommend Yabulela Gift Hampers 🎁 to all xxxx



Dianne Symonds

Customer South Africa
Client Testimonial

Great service and communication around my delivery. While I didn’t see the final hamper myself, I received a very grateful message from my colleague.

Jo-Anne Hendricks

Discovery South Africa
Gift Hamper Limited Edition 2

This is the first time I’ve used Yabulela and it certainly won’t be the last. I’m so impressed with the service and communication, as well as the choice of hamper and decorations. Highly recommend using Yabulela to celebrate an occasion with a special person.

Meg Polacsek



I know that I’m really late – life got in the way of writing to you Karen!

Taking a moment now to thank you sincerely for the GORGEOUS gift hamper that you arranged for Rosh Hashanah – it was delivered as requested (which involved scheduling a specific date), my note personalised included and our recipient was thrilled beyond to receive the beautiful surprise.

I personally really appreciate the extra mile you go to – keeping me informed and even sending me a pic of the wrapped gift hamper. We will definitely be using your services again and will recommend your company to all my buds.

Gwendoline Johnston

South African Client
Client Testimonial

Having tried various gift and flower shops in SA to have something special delivered to loved ones (I live in the UK) and not always getting the best results, I finally found Karen. I’ve used her twice already and both times she exceeded my expectations! The quality of the product and customer service is outstanding and I will not hesitate to use her again. Definitely recommend!!!

Liam Gray

UK Client
Gift Hamper Man Treats

All-in-all a wonderful, personal and stress free experience. Very professional and exceptional attention to detail. Karen, you’re a truly wonderful person to work with! Supporting your business all the way from Namibia 🇳🇦 ❤️

Xillian Husselmann

Client Testimonials

From the moment Karen answered my phone call, I knew I was talking to a person who cares about her clients needs. After a couple of questions, yes and no’s, she knew what I wanted. I will definitely call again. She made our gift to a colleague, 850km from us, personal. It was a warm, well thought out and well-presented gift. Thank you Karen for being there for our friend and colleague when we couldn’t.

Riana Van Deventee

South Africa
Limited Editions

An outstanding service, a complete make of personalise gift all the way to the details of the ribbon and bows. With a complete amazing selection of products. A full on attention to detail and to the needs of the customer, I have never been taken care of my gifts request from a diferent continent in this high level of professionalism. Thank you again and again Yabulela Gift Hampers 💛


Client Testimonials

Professional from start to finish! Easy to navigate the site, follow up to make sure my details were correct, an exquisitely wrapped present delivered on time to a surprised and delighted birthday dad (who is convinced the gift wrapper has a master’s degree in gift wrapping), and beautiful quality products! Thank you so much for helping my brother and me to make our dad’s day super special from across the ocean! Such a brilliant experience; I will definitely recommend and use this company again! 💜

Tracey Austin

United Kingdom
Client Testimonials

Karen is amazing! From the outset, her excellent communication, attention to detail, genuine care & willingness to make the best celebratory hamper possible, made ordering from overseas an easy and lovely experience. The result was absolutely wonderful! Will definitely be back!
– Very Happy International Client


Sue Wilkinson

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