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Personal Assistants keep your Executives Close

Personal Assistants keep your Executives Close

PA’S keep your Executives Close

Personal Assistants keep your Executives Close – So you may be asking why this would be an important goal to strive for? Why would you want to keep your Executives close and your Clients even closer? Well in today’s fast-paced world of business and life real connections with our clients become much more complicated and difficult to achieve.

Time is the ultimate currency of life. Everyone wants to find the most effective way to harness their time and achieve the best results with their applied time. Finding a way to create a positive connection with your clients for your executive can at times seem like a Kilimanjaro to climb. Especially if you are searching for a way to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. How do you reach your executive’s clients and keep them close when opportunities may not arise as often as before.

Everyone everywhere is inundated with information from other companies and it can be difficult to keep a client”s attention focused on your executive. Keeping your executive on top of their minds becomes a tricky terrain to navigate, especially if you don’t want to subscribe to what the rest of the crowd is doing.

So how do you accomplish this task cleverly yet subtly?

Keep your clients thinking of you by thinking of them. Make them feel like VIP’s. Celebrate their success and improve your client loyalty and relationships. Impress your clients with a human touch that gifting along with a personal note can provide. Even resolve a client’s complaint or unhappy experience by sending a special gift out to them on behalf of your executive. It’s far more expensive to seek out new clients than it is to develop and maintain relationships with existing clients already on board.

Keep them talking about your executive by sending out a thoughtful gift at the right moment. Create a win-win scenario by making your executive shine in their client’s eyes. As a result, you support your client relationships in a unique way. Show your message of intent with a gift of quality that reflects your company.

Gifting occasions

Gifting Occasions create opportunities to keep your Executives close and your Clients even closer. Achieve this with the right intent on the right occasion. That may be different for every business. Some may decide to send birthday gifts every year to their clients as a show of appreciation and celebration of their client’s life. Others may opt for an appreciation gift at year-end to show their gratitude for the business received during a specific year. Some may choose to gift only at special milestones reached or on big occasions at conferences or company functions.

When you choose to gift as a business/company, is not as important as the message of the intent behind the gift. A gift can be small and not cost the earth. When the intent behind the gift is correct your client, guest speaker/visitor is drawn closer to your business in the correct way.

For Personal Assistants, Time is the ultimate currency of life

Personal Assistants and Executive Admins are busy people with lots of demands on their time. Sorting and sourcing gifts for special events and occasions, clients, and business associates can take up a lot of their time! Focus on other important tasks at hand.

Outsource this important job to a Giftologist that you trust, who has integrity and credibility. Who will be there to walk the extra mile with you when required. Who will pay attention to the little details that will speak the message to the recipient without them even reading a card?

  • Give something wonderful that creates excitement and an experience for the person receiving the gift. Furthermore, no one wants to entertain with a high-value gift item that is branded. Clearly in plain sight for their guests to see – so not okay.
  • The next trick is to keep them talking about the gift long after they have received it. Make sure to create a special memory and experience from the giver, valued and held on to by the receiver.
  • The best way to achieve this is to include a keepsake gift. Add this as part of the product contents inside of a gift. In addition, whenever the recipient uses the keepsake item it creates a talking point. People will comment on the beautiful piece. Usually, the next comment/question will be where the recipient found it or who gave it to them.

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PA’S keep your Executives Close and your Clients even Closer

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