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Gifting Season at Yabulela Gift Hampers


Gifting Season

Gifting Season – Yabulela Gift Hampers

Here we are again at this time of the year when the gifting season always seems to become a roller coaster ride for suppliers, businesses, and clients alike. No matter how well one tries to plan there will always be those last-minute orders arriving. As well as the impossible gift requests to do at short notice. But here at Yabulela Gift Hampers we really do try and make every effort to assist anyone that requests a gift from us over the fast-paced gifting season.

Even those who land at our doorstep with an urgent and short-notice gift order. While not always possible to assist a client in the specified time frame, we do our best to get as close as possible.

Gifting Season – Christmas Time

This is never more true than over the year-end gifting season period. And we believe that this year will not be much different than any before. We will most likely see that sudden spurt of international gift orders arriving on our desk just before we close. We love to assist our international clients in any way we can as often they cannot be with family and friends over the Festive Season every year.

Where we can, we try to assist within 24 hours of the gift being ordered and paid for in full, pending stock availability on our shelves at the time. Not always possible when we hit the peak gift season, but we still do our very best to help out where we can.

And it’s a really proud moment when we manage to create a gorgeous gift in a matter of hours to assist our clients from all over the world.

The Creative Process

Compiling a custom-packed gift hamper or gift is one thing. Creating a beautiful end package is quite another. The creative process of assembling one of our ribbon themes is very much like creating a painting. Therefore we have to look at the canvas – in this instance the gift box, then start with the main colour, and then work from there to build the final look.

Often it can take a few tries and sometimes (luckily seldom more than often) it just never comes together. In most cases, we can pull it off with our first attempt, and that just comes from lots of practice.

Creating the final touch to our bows is the best part of our job. This is where our heart is shared and our thoughts are focused on the person receiving the gift. Therefore we gather as much information from our clients about the recipient of their gift as possible.

It is often in the little details that special moments are remembered and kept close to one’s heart. That is exactly what we try to accomplish with any gift that leaves our workroom. A lasting feeling of pleasure and a fond memory of receiving a special gift from someone you love and hold dear.

Connect with us so we can make your Gifting Season a happy and stress-free time for you this year. Our mission is to create an enjoyable gifting season for you from start to finish.

Gorgeous Gifts & Gift Hampers

Thoughts on our 2019 trading year so far

It has yet again been a complicated and challenging business year for all small businesses in South Africa. We have been blessed with some growth during this year, which is always very welcome. In conclusion feelings of positive growth for 2020 has us excited to see where we go next. So with constant tweaks and improvements behind the scenes, we can only improve our offerings and services to our clients.

The economy in South Africa still has a long way to go to get back on track. So we will continue to harness all our efforts and work hard. Ensuring that we will grow from strength to strength in spite of the struggling economy.

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We wish all our followers and clients a peaceful Festive Season and a Prosperous New Year!

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