Gift Hampers Nationwide South Africa

Gift Hampers Nationwide South Africa

Gift Hampers Nationwide South Africa filled with treats. From pamper products to food treats! We are showing off a little and sharing some of our recent gift hampers. Gorgeous gift hampers of all sizes and filled with delicious products, find their way to delighted recipients nationwide.

Quite a few of our clients ended up with a rather French look in their ribbon themes! We had some glorious colour combinations that turned out really lovely!  Yabulela Gift Hampers  always rising to the challenge to create the look and feel that our customers wish to convey!

That’s what we do here at Yabulela Gift Hampers, we put the heart back into gifting. Offering gorgeous gifts and gift hampers lovingly packed inside of beautiful boxes! Supporting our clients to express their appreciation, love and generosity to family, friends and clients.

Gift Presentation

With us first impressions really do count! The amount of awe and delight that just our beautifully packed gifts create when they are received is a joy to behold. Sometimes clients wait forever to actually open their gifts. They love our ribbon bows so much they just cannot get it over their hearts to destroy the bow! Never mind get to the goodies inside!

Gift Hampers Nationwide South Africa

So we posted this video on our Facebook Page and thought it a great idea to showcase on our website as well. We are all for recycling and looking after our environment as best we can. Therefore we love it when our bows are recycled again and our boxes kept to store personal items.

See clever ways to adapt our beautiful bows and re-use them on other gifts again:

How to re-use our beautiful Yabulela Gift Hamper bows

A while back we promised our Fans a little slide show about how to re-use our beautiful bows on our gorgeous gift hampers.Many people who receive one of our Yabulela Gift Hampers love the bows so much that they don't want to open their gifts!So here it is, a clever way to save your beautiful Yabulela bow and even re-use it on another gift late on.We love it when our gift boxes and ribbon bows are re-used by our recipients of our gift hampers. In a way paid forward again and again to other people in different forms of gifting :)We know of cases where our gift boxes are still going strong after 5 – 7 years with people storing either cards or photo's inside of them ๐Ÿ™‚

Posted by Yabulela Gifts on Friday, 21 April 2017


And here are a few more clever ideas to re-use our bows as seen below.

Gift Hampers Nationwide South Africa


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