Gorgeous Gifts Gift Hampers

Gorgeous Gift Hampers

Find gorgeous gift hampers at Yabulela Gift Hampers. Our beautiful gift hampers are delivered nationwide in South Africa. And customers are welcome to request custom packed gift hampers to suit their special events or occasions.

For example a Banting, diabetic, kosher and halal gift hamper can be custom packed to fit your clients profile.

Furthermore find a large variety of wonderful products to choose from which are mostly sourced from the Western Cape Province. In this way we custom assemble your gift hamper and create a special gift of remembrance.

Unique Product Choices

Yabulela Gift Hampers offer unique product choices to our clients. As a result a special gift or gift hamper is created for you. Most of all creating a wow experience for the recipient and a gold star to the client who sends the gift hamper.

Furthermore find beautiful memento/keepsake gifts that you can buy as single stand alone gifts. These beautiful gift products are handmade in South Africa and have local artisans working behind the scenes. Bringing you beautiful designs and workmanship. In addition add one of these memento gifts to a custom packed gift hamper and make your gift move to a whole new level.

Browse through our gifts and gift hamper options at Yabulela Gift Hampers On-line Alternatively request a custom assembled gift hamper at Yabulela Gift Hampers

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Here you can see more of our day to day thoughts and gorgeous gift hampers.

Gorgeous Gift Hampers

Yabulela Gift Hampers is where you will find gorgeous gifts and gift hampers packed in beautiful boxes! Express your appreciation, love and generosity to family, friends and clients. While our gift hampers are not packed inside the traditional gift baskets, we offer something different all together. Instead our gift hampers are beautifully packed inside of recyclable gift boxes. Afterwards they are completed with stunning ribbon themes and bows to match the event or occasion.

Recipients experience a unique moment when opening up our different gifting concept. They will find layers of delightful treats inside each of our gift hampers filled to the brim. It remains a surprise until they actually open up the gift. Often this experience is shared with their family and friends, making everyone a part of this exciting moment!

A truly magical experience awaits the person who receives a gift ordered from us. In addition our bows are often lovingly stored to be re-used again on other gifting occasions. In conclusion it makes for a gift they will not quickly forget! Of course we love the fact that our gift boxes and ribbon bows are re-used and re-cycled. Furthermore our customers assist us in this way by keeping our carbon footprint nice and tidy.

Business Appreciation Gifts

Big Enough To Deliver, Small Enough To Care! Take your business gifting to a new level. Show appreciation to clients and staff alike. Connect with us for all your year-end gifting and special milestone events at your company. Reward your staff for great work ethics, birthdays and special milestones such as long service awards. Buy gorgeous gifts & gift hampers to suit any occasion and event.

And no more battles to find Boss’s Day and Secretary Day Gifts – we are here to take all those stress factors away. Call us, Chat to us, Order From Us and Receive your gifts Delivered by Us. As simple as that – Of course you also need to pay us. And we have two payment options for our clients, EFT and via the SnapScan payment portal where you can just scan our QR code and make payment from your mobile device. The SnapScan payment portal gives the client the option to decide from which account they would like to pay, e.g. credit card, savings or cheque account.

** SnapScan payments are only available to clients in South Africa at this time.**

See more at SnapScan on how this great payment option works for you.